What are Ready Covers?

Ready Covers are a simple and stylish solution for any exposed radiator. We designed a tile system that is easy to Assemble and can cover any shape or size radiator. Before Ready Covers you would have to hire a contractor to build a cover for your exposed radiator. This can be very expensive, so we made it simple, modern, and affordable! We use high quality heat resistant plastic to make our tiles. The tiles can connect at both straight and a 90-degree angle. Therefore, they will always be a perfect fit!

No Tools Required!

Ready Covers are ingeniously crafted for simplicity and ease. Each tile is designed to snap securely into place, creating a seamless and sturdy cover over your radiator. Whether you're a renter, homeowner, or business owner, you can achieve a polished look in minutes. No tools, no fuss!

To get started measure the front, sides, and top of your radiator or item to figure out how many tiles you will need.

Each tile measures 7.5 X 7.5 inches.

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  • Very good, easy solution

    "We're renting and have radiators everywhere with twin toddlers. We bought these and I can say they exceeded expectations. They're easy to assemble, look a bit better than the pics in other reviews (they're not quite as shiny in real life), and are an excellent value compared to any other cover. We bought two small packs and large pack and could cover four mid size radiators."

  • Cost effective baby proofing for old house

    "My home still warms up in spite of all the radiators being covered. They are cool to the touch; they look way better than the pipes, and were easy to install. My 15 month old son does not bother them- they are secure because I built 1 extra row in the back of the radiator to keep it from moving. it cost less than other covers which aren’t even touch safe. Highly recommend!"

  • Easy to assemble; visual aesthetics

    "What a surprise… This product met my expectations; it was easy to assemble, and appears to be heavy plastic that can withstand heat from a radiator… It was easy to place, and I must say it looks pretty good… My goal was just to protect children from physically touching the radiator and this plastic radiator cover does just that… I may change my opinion after several weeks with the heat on, but until then I’m very satisfied with this product..... Well, I’m back on this review because it’s been several weeks and I have to say that this is a very good product. It has withstood the heat in my apartment for the last few weeks. It looks just exactly as it did when I placed it, the integrity of the plastic is Beyond my expectations this is a very good product!"

  • Quick and easy way to hide things

    "I needed to conceal an ugly internet access box installation in my condo until I can figure out a more permanent solution. These plastic tiles did the trick and look better than I expected. It takes a little force to snap them together but once put together it seems sturdy enough. I have carpet so that helps with stability."

  • Appearance

    "I loved loved loved this product. Yes, I would recommend it very highly. Could be a little bit more sturdier but it works. The design is great and makes the space look good. Easy to assemble especially for a woman. Great job!"

  • Great radiator cover

    "This was so simple to put together. It's sturdier than I thought it would be. Great value for the money. I got the pack of 30. I used 29 pieces on this small radiator. Highly recommend."

Questions or Inquiries?

For Wholesale And Any Other Inquiries Please Contact us at:  info@readycoversonline.com