Ready Covers

Radiator Covers For Your Home And Office


To Get Started Measure the Front, Sides, and Top of Your Radiator or Item to Figure out How Many Tiles you Will Need.

Each Tile Measures 7.5 X 7.5 Inches.

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About Us

Ready Covers Are A Simple And Stylish Solution For Any Exposed Radiator. We Designed A Tile System That Is Easy To Assemble And Can Cover Any Shape Or Size Radiator. Before Ready Covers You Would Have Had To Hire A Contractor To Build A Cover For Your Exposed Radiator Or If You Were Handy You Can Try And Do It Yourself But These Options Take A Lot Of Time And Are Also Very Expensive, We Made It Simple, Modern And Affordable! 
We Use High Quality Heat Resistant Plastic To Make Our Tiles And They Can Connect At Both Straight And At A 90 Degree Angle So That It Will Always Be A Perfect Fit. We Have Many Customers That Use Them To Cover All Types Of Things That They Would Rather Not See In Their Home And Office. They Just Love The Way It Looks! People Have Said That It Doubles As A Piece Of Art!
We Are Committed To Making Your Home Safer For Children And At The Same Time Making Your Home More Beautiful. Try Ready Covers Today!

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